Valhalla – Sellout

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Length (in): 40.00
Width (in): 10.75
Varying Wheelbase (in): 24.75 – 32.25
Flex Level: Stiff
Plys: 9
Construction: Maple
Griptape: Standard Black, Applied by MuirSkate
Concave Style: Rocker, W, Radial
Concave Depth: Medium

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One of Valhalla’s newest spawns, from all things fast and savage, is the Sell Out downhill longboard deck. The Sell Out is 40″ long with wheelbase options as short as 24.75″ and long as 32″. With a wide platform with deep wheel wells, this tank of a top mount is ready to be sent screaming full speed down your local canyon road. Become a sellout and start riding the serpent in true Valhalla fashion.


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