Seismic Slide Pucks


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Less braking for faster racing. Perfectly consistent, stable glide – even at extreme speeds and in high heat. Superior durability and no melting or furry buildup ever! Hex shape lets you clock puck to preferred hand mobility zone.
Outer diameter 3.25″ / 82.5mm.  12mm thick.

FLINTED (black) – solid or hollow
Premium Extra-Hard formula with SIX (6) BIG embedded flints to out-spark the pack! Hollow version concentrates pressure on flints, intensifies sparking.  Not recommended for use on roads adjacent to areas filled with dry tinder at high risk of wildfire.
Outer diameter 3.25″ / 82.5mm; optional hollow inner diameter 1.18″ / 30mm.  12mm thick.


Solid, Flinted Hollow, Flinted Solid, Classic Blue


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