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GENOME 34″ x 9.25″ (86.5 cm x 23.5 cm)
Construction: 7-ply Canadian Maple core with bi-axial Carbon cloth top and bottom • Flex rating: Race Stiff

The brainchild of Seismic Pro Aaron Hampshire, the Genome is a modern thoroughbred racer from tip to tip. We spared no effort in painstakingly evolving and refining the deck’s shape and contours at Seismic headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. For meticulous handcrafted manufacturing, we turned to the Rocket Longboards factory in the heart of the Swiss Alps.
A 7-ply Canadian Maple core sandwiched between two bi-axial layers of ultra-high-grade Carbon cloth (with 45°/45° fiber orientation) makes the Genome RACE STIFF. The gradual 0.64″ (1.62 cm) elliptical concave is both comfortable and responsive.
The unique shape is tapered at the front for better leverage while tucking. The rear offers fuller contact for more secure footing when cornering and sliding. Wheelbase options of 25.5″ (64.77 cm) and 26.25″ (66.67 cm) create a progressive balance of stability and agility down even the most demanding courses.
Ergonomic wheel well flares – optimized separately for the front vs. rear foot – add leverage and control. They’re milled on the underside, too, adding clearance for wheels up to 80mm tall.
A mellow W synergizes with the rear flares for an unprecedented locked-in feeling while tucking, sliding, and cornering.
A 0.25″ (0.63 cm) front-loaded Rocker combines with a 5mm-deep, +2-degree flush-mount at the nose to make for an ultra-responsive deck with low ride height.

Front-loaded Rocker with 0.64″ (1.62 cm) elliptical concave • Wheel well flares (milled on the underside)
5mm-deep, +2-degree flush-mount at the nose • 0-degree flush-mount at the tail
Wheelbase options 25.5″ (64.77 cm) and 26.25″ (66.67 cm)
Graphic on bottom • Not pre-gripped
Weight 4.41 lbs. (2.0 kg)


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