Prism – Owen Fox Pro


Length: 31.875″
Width: 9.25″
Wheelbases: 21″, 22″, 22.5″
Concave: Slight rocker , Directional,
Stiff no flex, Maple, Formica, M-core construction

Availability: In stock

We couldn’t be more hyped to reveal the Fox Pro! Owen has been skating hard and claiming podiums while testing this board over the last few months, so we couldn’t be more excited to offer it for everyone to enjoy. If you’re looking for something fast, nimble and grippy, this is your board.
From Owen Fox: “My goal when making this board was to create something that could handle the performance demands of professional racing, while still being a board that the average skater can ride and enjoy. This board features a simple, directional shape and minimal concave that gives you just enough feedback to keep you locked in. The new construction that we’ve developed is incredibly stiff, which is crucial for stability and high-speed technical riding. The narrow width means that narrow trucks and big wheels, used in today’s racing, fit flush with the rails, allowing for very precise edge control and turning. This board is ideal for the seasoned race vet, someone looking to get into the race scene or anyone curious as to what all the small downhill board hype is about.”


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