Mids – Black Arrow




  • 22″-22.5″-23″ WB options
  • 9″ wide

  • 3/16” front loaded rocker

  • 1/4” front flush mount with +3° wedging

  • 900 grams +\-30

  • Standard length: 33”

  • Kicktail length: 34

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Nott gonna bullshit you, this is what we ride everyday.
We’re really excited to finally carry these for this reason.
Do yourself a favor & just buy this & don’ look back.
Limited stock!


The Black Arrow was developed over the 2019 season to be the ultimate lightweight speed board. Our proprietary carbon foam core construction ensures absolute torsional stiffness, while aerospace grade dampening materials help absorb road vibration, and integrated urethane nose and tail bumpers will keep it on the road for years to come. Designed with slalom style trucks in mind, The Black Arrow features front set rocker and a small wheel flare to perfectly cradle your front foot. The addition of the forward flush mount helps even out truck height to maximize grip, while keeping ride height as low as possible. – Mids

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