Mardid – DH Grom ’13

Original price was: $85.00.Current price is: $72.25.

Style: Directional Topmount
Concave: Subtle dish & W Concave
Construction: American Maple & Formica & Wheel wells
Length: 35.5″
Width: 9.5″
Wheelbase: 24″

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This blast from the past is a piece we’re going to advise you don’t sleep on. This is a perfect deck for transitioning into a smaller freeride or the slalom style realm of downhill.
The subtle dish & W concave are very accepting of modern creature comforts like torque blocks & implants! The width compliments narrower trucks without any modifications & you can get that sweet matching rail you’ve been craving. Sitting at 9.5″ at it widest & smoothly tapering to 8.5 at it narrowest. The platform feels fantastic both tucking & transitioning in & out of slides.
These also feature a sick little kicktail when paired with the right trucks has no issue popping ollies! Last thing we’re gonna mention are the DEEP cnc wheel wells that allow you to run nearly any wheel on the market. All of this coming at under $100 make it one of the most slept on boards from the golden era of DH in our opinion. – Jonathan

Designed for smaller, lighter riders: the Grom Downhill Top-Mount. To accommodate smaller feet, we made the boards relatively narrow, with a new tighter W concave designed to maximize turning leverage, board-feel, and grip. Lightweight riders sometimes have a hard time getting full-size downhill boards to turn; so we shrunk the wheelbase a little for more responsiveness and maneuverability. Built with the same materials and craftsmanship as our other downhill boards, they’re a fun ride for skaters of all sizes. – Madrid

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