Madrid – .50 Cal (1/2)

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Length (in): 36.25
Width (in): 9.75
Wheelbase: 28.5
Concave Style: Tub, W
Concave Depth: Medium
Plys: 9
Construction: Maple (formica)

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This is an exclusive reissue collaboration between Madrid & DADs.
There is only 1x of each graphic variant available.

From giant mountain passes, to cruising to the grocery store, I wanted the 50Cal to handle most terrain with a comfortable concave and plenty of footspace.

Madrid’s T-3 concave lets you know where you are with a slight W that stays consistent throughout the length of the board. The riding platform has room for whatever you think you can do on it.

Maple and Formica are used in construction to dampen vibrations and keep the board strong and stiff. An engraved Madrid logo completes the flossy black look. -Calvin Staub


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