Cloud Ride – Hurricanes


Color: Blue
Durometer: 78a
Wheel Width: 52mm
Wheel Height: 90mm
Contact Patch: 50mm
Wheel Surface: Glossy

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Hurricanes will blow through anything put in their path. These super tall 90mm wheels roll extremely smoothly and have excellent glide even on rough pavement.

Froms DAD: These big boi’s are something different but not something ya’ll should fear.
These big bitches are just 15mm shy of being 4 whole inches tall!
Ideal for long grip & rip runs especially if you’re a larger rider.
Smaller riders shouldn’t shy away still as these will hold their speed in straights & while you’re drafting.
These are heavily targeted towards LDP & cruising them skreets but by no means are limited to any discipline.




Black, Blue

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