Blood Orange – Drifts


  • DSF Formula
  • 66mm/70mm Wheels
  • 78A/81A Durometer
  • 9mm Offset / 7mm offset
  • 40mm Contact / 35mm CP
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Our new DSF formula, exclusive to Blood Orange and the Drift Series, was designed to help riders take their slides to the next level offering unmatched predictability, smoothness and an “in the pavement” feel without compromising lifespan.

D.A.D’s Note:

  • The contact patches for the 70mm is 35mm & the 66mm’s contact patch is 40mm.
  • The offset on the 70mm is 7mm where the 66mm offset is 9mm.
  • The edges of the wheels are also different between the two options. Both sides of the 70mm are round vs the 66mm where one side is square!

Size & Durometer

66mm 78a, 66mm 81a, 70mm 78a, 70mm 81a

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